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Shorewood was incorporated in 1956 primarily as a rural community. Located in Hennepin County, Shorewood was originally part of the former Excelsior Township. The main route is US Highway 7. Shorewood includes three Lake Minnetonka islands. Spray Island was given to Robert E. Grimshaw, Sr. as payment for doing a survey of Lake Minnetonka for Hennepin County. The 17-acre island has been home to a reading camp and the Little Scorpion Boys’ Camp. It later was home to the Minnesota Summerhill Community School. Indian artifacts have been found in the swamp in the middle of Spray Island. Shady Island was home to the Harrow House, which opened in 1880. The lake’s first grand hotel could accommodate 150 guests. The island was originally named Rockwell Island after Captain William Rockwell. It is said there was once an Indian encampment on Shady Island. Part of Enchanted Island is considered to be in Shorewood. It was originally named McCormick’s Island after Sam McCormick who built a large home there. He built and sold small boats. White settlers renamed it Enchanted Island, which referred to the Dakota Indian ceremonies and medicine dances that took place there. The city of Shorewood is part of the Minnetonka School District. The largest elementary school in the district, Minnewashta Elementary School, is located within the Shorewood city limits.

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